Kailis Jewellery

Evolving over more than three decades, Kailis has become the trusted source for the world’s finest Australian South Sea pearl jewellery. Recognised internationally for its quality, contemporary style and versatile designs, Kailis Jewellery was founded on a family’s passion for the ocean and desire to take Australian South Sea pearls to the world. Every Kailis pearl takes two years to grow in the pristine waters off Australia’s North West coast before it is hand selected for one of our contemporary designs.

With this amazing natural gem as its centrepiece, Kailis designed the first jewellery collection in 2005.  We believe the key to beauty is not about how much can be added but how much can be taken away. Where possible we also include an element of versatility, providing the wearer with more options and a sense of playfulness. Our pieces must be comfortable to wear and ultimately they must look beautiful.

At Kailis we embody inclusive luxury and are immensely proud that our jewellery is worn as a talisman of joy throughout the world.